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Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops marches onto the App Store

tiny troopers 2

tiny troopers 2

Tiny Troopers made its mark about the App Store in June of 2012. The battle-heavy app mixed team-up gameplay with shoot-em-up action. The minuscule military these are back for further and Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops is a wonderful follow-up to its predecessor. When I first started playing Tiny Troopers, the single thing that stood out to me the most was the application of military-related catch phrases. Every time a little soldier takes down an enemy, you’ll hear him squeak out a line like, “Hurrah!” or, “Open fire!” It was the actions that drew me in. Those little tough guys are extremely dang cute. Tiny Troopers 2 incorporates every one of the cuteness with the original and keep the manliness you’ve come to expect of war games. You’re not going to be sniping fools a la “Call of Duty,” however, you can still buy your shooter game action fix… Design The Tiny Trooper 2 on itunes franchise theme is cute but tough. The bigheaded little fighters have the taglines you’d hear within an episode of “Generation Kill,” (sans the cussing), however they talk like chipmunks which have been smoking for 4 decades. The menu screen appears like a military map. Players pick a mission from three different operations. Each mission has a main objective along with a bonus objective. You can select your level of difficulty from easy, normal, or hard. New missions can not be played until earlier ones happen to be successfully completed. There are three operations, each with eight missions. New missions are a growing number of difficult than the last. Once you get on the battlefield, the overall game’s theme receives a little cartoony. The graphics are decent. We’re not referring to console-quality gaming, however it is about as detailed as being a Wii Sports game will be. Gameplay For each mission, you have control of a team of soldiers. As long as one soldier remains on the field, you can preserve with the mission. To move the team, tap the screen in the location you want them to go. You can also get them to move by touching and holding the screen inside the direction you need them to head. For example, if you want them to walk down the path about the right, it is possible to touch and contain the right side with the screen. To shoot at enemies, tap the screen around the target of your liking. The soldiers will automatically fire when needed. If you have special weapons, just like a grenade or missile, you are able to fire around the enemy by dragging the selected weapon to your target. Special weapons are better used by blowing up buildings and tanks. Each mission has two objectives. The main objective is often something like, “Destroy all buildings,” or “Rescue prisoners.” While the bonus missions usually need you to kill all enemies. The main objective is required to finish the mission, however the bonus objective is optional. As you travel down paths, you’ll be killing enemies and destroying buildings. But, you’ll also be collecting intel, medals, dog tags, special weapons, and power ups, like speed boosts. Everything you discover in battle adds more points to your final score. You will earn additional command points for finding every one of the level’s medals and dog tags. Special weapons can be found around the battlefield, however, you can also purchase them in the pause menu at any time. You also can buy health packs, speed boosts, and further soldiers in case you lose any through the mission. Players collect command points and medals which can be used to purchase these materials. They can also be used to upgrade the soldiers’ main guns, buy special uniforms offering bonuses, like additional hit points or automatic command points. As you play each mission, your soldiers increase their ranks. The more experience each soldier has around the battlefield, the better they are at combat. If your soldiers die about the battlefield, they lose all of their experience as well as their ranks and must start from scratch. You can keep your soldier’s ranks by reviving them at the end of a mission. By reviving them, they don’t take any losses with their experience level. Once you’ve beaten the first level in normal mode, you’ll unlock the “Zombie Dawn of the Dead” survival mode level. In the Zombie mode, your only mission would be to survive wave after wave of undead hordes. You will collect massive numbers of command points in the event you survive long enough to earn them. Value Tiny Troopers 2 cheats
costs only $0.99 to download, which is about the cost effective for a universal game you are able to get. There are a lot of items you can buy with in-app purchases, like additional medals, and specialist unlock packages. However, you don’t need any in the in-app purchases so that you can enjoy the action. The only time you could possibly end up adding money to the game is in the event you revive your soldiers from a mission. The replay value isn’t quite high since each level is the same if you play it. Even whenever you play it using a higher difficulty mode, the collectible backpacks are all within the same place. The enemies are merely stronger. Conclusion Tiny Troopers 2 is just as fun to try out as its predecessor. The missions are enjoyable and challenging. You can raise your difficulty level should you find the action to be too easy. The upgrades and special weapons could make you try harder to find every one of the collectible pieces of each mission. You may find yourself buying more goodies with the IAPs, but you can make it through the three operations and never have to spend a penny more as opposed to original download expense of $0.99. If you're fan of team-up style shoot-em-up war games, this can be going to make you very happy. If you’ve already mastered Tiny Troopers, this will be like a familiar song with a new skin.

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